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Sold by Kobo. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. The tabulated characteristics of the festoons include data acquired during the Magellan mission, such as emissivity, reflectivity and RMS slope. We used Magellan altimetry data to determine the altitude, topography, and thickness of the flow.

We also calculated north-south and east-west dimensions, the area, and the ridge spacing of the ogive-looking flow ridge features. Using the thickness and the area values we calculated the volume of the flow. Finally we determined bulk density, yield strength and viscosity using a combination of previous measurements and calculations utilized by the previous studies done on the identified festoon flows.

Discussion: Our analysis indicates that the Atalanta flow has characteristics both similar to and different from the Artemis-Imdr and Ovda festoons.

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Venus, which lies at 0. A series of missions by both the U. Mariner 2, with its infrared and microwave radiometers, was the first American interplanetary probe, launched on August 27, Mariner 5, in , came within 10, km miles , using these and a UV sensor to add more to the database. About this time, the first Soviet probe, Venera 4, descended by parachute through the atmosphere in an attempt to touch down on the surface.

After two more failures, Venera 7 reached the surface and survived for 23 minutes in Venera 8 also succeeded in , adding chemical composition data on radioactive U, Th, and K from analysis by a gamma ray spectrometer that suggests local rocks are potassium-rich basalts.

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Four more Veneras reached the surface between and ; each carried a photographic system that returned pictures of the immediate surroundings. The next U. Two Pioneer Venus spacecraft arrived at the planet in December and were placed into orbit; Pioneer Venus 2 deployed a landing probe that survived for about an hour.


The inpenetrable cloud cover masking Venus was first penetrated by Earth-based imaging radar beams sent from antennae at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, the Goldstone Tracking Station in California, Haystack in Massachusetts, and others. Wavelengths vary from 3. Interference techniques using Doppler shifts process the reflected signals which offer some information on dielectric constants, surface roughness, slopes and rather crude estimates of elevation differences.

Surface resolutions areal can be as low as km 62 miles or can be better than 3 km 2 miles. Here is an image showing variations in intensity of a backscattered radar beam transmitted to Venus at Even these earlier radar images pointed to a relatively flat Venus but with some highlands exceeding 6 km 3.