Torn Between 5: Seduced by the Billionaires

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Yesterday's edition of the Wall Street Journal had reported that he was returning to Shanghai to oversee several sweeping projects in the burgeoning Chinese market that could be very lucrative for Global Strategies. Although DDE was a profitable subsidiary, it was still only one of many midsized ones, not something that should consume much of his attention.

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He shifted slightly in his seat, looking at her intently, and his legs brushed hers. She held her breath.

Since her latest breakup six months ago, she'd devoted all her attention to work. Work didn't disillusion her like Marcus had. She still couldn't believe he'd proposed to another woman less than a month after they'd split up. She shot him a sharp look. She didn't indulge in interoffice dating, no matter how delicious the man in the question was. It was the stupidest CLM—career limiting move—she could think of. We can discuss it over dinner. I hate to make you extend your workday, but unfortunately that's the only time I'm available. Despite his smooth tone, she couldn't shake off the feeling that he was amused by her silent response.

Was he laughing at her for thinking he might have romantic interests in her? She straightened. Then she gathered her things and left. Alex watched Natalie walk out. When the door had closed behind her, he inhaled deeply. A subtle floral scent lingered in the room. It was quite lovely.

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His investigators' report on her hadn't included any pictures, and a composed young Asian woman with a sleek chignon wasn't what he'd been expecting. Not at all the type who usually graced Charlie Rodale's arm. The black skirt suit had flattered her lithe figure, although she'd done her best to appear serious and aggressive—a corporate Amazon look he found distasteful in general but singularly sexy on her. And those stilettos had done amazing things to her legs. Long, shapely, and deliciously erotic. A legman's fantasy come to life.

A woman who wore shoes like those had a streak of sensuality in her. He pictured her briefly in the shoes and a pair of thigh-highs and felt himself stir. Alex shook his head sharply and walked back behind his desk.

Billionaire Archives - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Now was not the time to indulge in fantasy. He'd been upset when Ralph hadn't been able to follow simple instructions… Did Natalie have something to do with Ralph's incompetence? She was, after all, the adopted daughter of Brian Hall, a powerful senator with a lot of connections and one of the reasons why it was proving so difficult to take over Rodale International.

Or ruin it outright. His hands tightened at the thought of the woman he'd hated for so long, the one responsible for destroying his family and ultimately killing his father. Now Emily Rodale had family of her own — a son — and a company that allowed her an undeservedly wealthy lifestyle. He wondered briefly if there was something going on between Brian and Emily. It would be just like that bitch to sell herself to a powerful protector. But none of that mattered anymore.

All the pieces were lined up. His position was fully developed, his strategy superior. After years of preparation and maneuvering, he was ready for the endgame. So I read [Carnal Secrets]. It pulled me in, made me care, and made me cry. Which just goes to show that no matter your expectations or sub-genre preferences, the right writer can make all the difference. A good story is a good story; Carnal Secrets is a good story.

I love to be involved in the story and Nadia Lee pulled me in right from the start. Even after I have finished and turned the last page, I kept feeling the lingering aftermath of the story, and even now, just thinking about Carnal Secrets , I get goosebumps. And Vengeful in Love tops the list …The fast-paced plot and conflict had me reading this book in one sitting…The pacing was spot-on and I enjoyed every moment. So his name was duly changed to James. Natalie is my first and only multicultural heroine up to now.

This one was designed by Jaycee DeLorenzo. But they get unexpected help friends…friends who share a common enemy: Eddie Dunning. When Maralee finally confesses the secret about her past, Cami thinks she can get rid of her dominant master, CEO Eddie Dunning, forever. Words: 13, Meanwhile, her friend Maralee celebrates a first of her own…. Cami Hill is in a new relationship with her handsome, sweet-natured boss Tyler.

But she still finds herself strongly drawn to Eddie Dunning, his rival in both the business and the personal spheres. Allie arrives in Mexico overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness.

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The gorgeous view from the balcony of her casita on La Isla Mujeres makes her troubles back home seem petty and distant. She was ready to experience something new. Just the thought of going to Mexico with her brother and his two sexy friends left Allie in a hot mess. Price: Free!

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Feeling down after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, Allie is dismissive when her brother offers for her to join him on a trip to Mexico. Ivan sacrifices his position at the compound in order to save Sarah.

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    Format eBookFirst edition. About Product Details Reviews Accessibility Multimillionaire businessman and playboy Rafael Vives is bedazzled by Amy's beauty - and instantly decides she must be his new mistress! Reviews from Goodreads. Other retailers. Recommended Reads.