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After unsuccessfully trying for a truce with the bullies, Jodi and Mindy realize that if all of the outcasts band together, they will outnumber the high school royalty. With the help of a Girl Scout Katie Chang , a would-be leader Ashley Rickards , a feminist Jazmyn Richardson and nerds of various stripes, the best friends fight back.

Frequently fun and generally harmless, "The Outcasts" doesn't bring anything new to the teen comedy, but that's the nice thing about the sub-genre for its viewers.

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Given their age, its target audience may not realize that the cinematic battle between popular and unpopular students has been going on since before they were born. This movie won't endure like "Mean Girls," "Clueless" or "The Breakfast Club," but it likely won't cause too many eye rolls either.

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    Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Deadly Sins Performer. The Outcasts Links MusicBrainz. Within months, they were one of the hottest bands on the emerging Belfast punk scene.

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    This was the beginning of the new chapter for the two remaining brothers and their two new fellows. The Outcasts are featured in the critically acclaimed and BAFTA nominated movie, Good Vibrations and in an Arte documentary [a popular art TV series made in France], which was shown in in France, Belgium and Germany; also a number of compilation and live albums have been released, and they have been touring constantly again in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.

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    • Also a double gatefold album of all their singles plus some sessions and live recordings was released by another US Record Label based in Japan.