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A couple dies in a severe car crash on the way to their wedding Little did they know they would be arriving in heaven to meet Saint Peter at the pearly gates. Upon seeing Peter they asked if they could be married in heaven since they were in everlasting love with each other.

A man is speaking with Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven. Saint Peter asks him if he has done any good deeds in his time on Earth to merit entry into paradise. Thinking for a moment, he says, "I was once in a bar in Arizona. I noticed a beautiful woman sitting alone, but before I could introduce myself a bunch of Hell's Angels stormed in and starte Teresa May dies Her soul arrives in heaven and she is met by St.

Welcome to Heaven," says St. The quality is based on how faithful a partner they've been. The first man receives a brand new Ferrari. He jumps in and takes off. The second man receives a recent model Toyota Camry, somewhat satisfied he jumps in a Einstein dies and goes to heaven Einstein dies and goes to heaven.

Can you prove who you really are? A politician dies And ends up standing in front of the pearly gates. Saint Peter looks at him for a second, flicks through his book, and finds his name.

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But we've recently adopted a new system for people in your line of work, and Three guys die He tells them, "Depending how faithful you were to your wife, depends what kind of car you drive across the Golden Bridge to heaven. A man dies and goes to heaven He sees Saint Peter, and starts to tell him a joke "Masterchief and Cortana walk into a bar..

A Priest, a thief, a Jewish schoolboy and Irishman die in a car crash They stand before Saint Peter at the gates of heaven. Saint Peter looks at them and appears confused. I will allow you one more chance at life as long as you promise to love out the rest of your existence free o Peter: What is it exactly that you did back on earth?

Even taken two b A joke I heard from my pastor last sunday A Buddhist, a Muslim and a Christian quarrels over whose god is the most powerful. They eventually decided to have a competition by showing that their god can save them from a grave danger. So they all went to the edge of a cliff. The buddhist said "I will jump off this cliff but as I call t Gods new reqirement to get into heaven.

God goes to Saint Peter and says "Pete there are too many people in heaven. I never expected this, so we need to add a new rule. The rule is that in order to get in you need to have had a really bad day the day you died. Got it? With that God left and Peter called the Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven, where Saint Peter gives him a nice, modern six-bedroom house with a pretty garden and a tennis court. Pleased with his lot, Bill quickly settles into the afterlife. One day he is out walking when he bumps into a man wearing a fine tailored suit.

What is Easter?

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Three men all die in an accident and met Saint Peter in front of the pearly gates. I would love to let you in but before I can do that I need to prove that you're devout Christians. If you can tell me what Easter is I can let you through. Now, to get to heaven, they had to cross a large bridge. The first guy walks up and St. Peter s An ok dude dies and goes to heaven Reaching the Pearly Gates, he sees Saint Peter, who stops him immediately. Saint Peter then says : "Hey you, where do you think you're going? A pastor was nervous abouts speaking in front of his congregation so he put a glass of vodka next to his water glass the next day he had a note on his desk saying don't chug the vodka there are 12 disciples not ten there are ten commandments not 12 we do not refer to the trinity as daddy junior and the spook david slew gol Three nuns go to Heaven And when they are at the gates, Saint Peter says: "I know you have sinned, I see it in your eyes.

Before you walk through these gates you must atone for your sins. Sister Isabella, your eyes once coveted the flesh of a man. You must wash your eyes with Holy Water and you'll be free of sin an Inigo dies and ascends to heaven At the Pearly Gates, he meets Saint Peter.

Saint Peter's Gate

Peter: Inigo Montoya, you are in the wrong place. You should go to Jannah, as you are a Muslim. Inigo: St. Peter, I am a devout Christian. Why do you say I am a Muslim? Peter: We have records of you always using you left hand to Kevin dies and goes to heaven He gets in line and sees Saint Peter asking everyone a question before they head past the pearly gates. As he's third in line, he overhears Peter ask the guy in front, "Sir, were you faithful in your married life?

The man looks down and replies, "Well, I did have two affairs". Peter nods and hands Carl Marx dies. Of course, he get sent to hell. The devil at first doesn't care about him, but after a few weeks Karl starts organizing the demons sindacates.

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After a month the demons start striking and they want their salary increased. The devil, fed up with the situation, decides to get rid of Karl, A young couple dies in a car wreck on the way to their wedding.

They arrive in heaven where they are welcomed by Saint Peter. Before they are admitted to heaven they ask if they can get married in heaven. Peter scratches his chin. Let me find out. Three men die and go to Heaven They meet Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, who greets them and says "So Heaven is a vastly large place for everyone to spend the rest of eternity, and God has decided to grant vehicles to everyone upon admission, and he asks only one question, the answer to which determines what vehicle you are gran A US senator died and went to heaven. When he gets to heaven Saint Peter is waiting for him at the pearly gates.

Peter says: "Oh a Senator huh? Well we have a special deal for you! Since you spent your life trying to reach across the aisle to both parties we give you 24 hours in both heaven and hell and at the end of 48 hours you g Reincarnation Dave, who was completely wasted, returns home late at night and slips into bed next to his wife Susan, who was already tight asleep.

When he woke up, he saw a weird looking man standing next to his bed in a long white dress. So three rabbi's and their wives all die and are on their way to heaven They get stopped by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. The first rabbi and his wife approach Saint Peter and he asks, "Why should I let you into heaven? I've been a man of God my whole life. I should be let into heaven! A Priest with a golf addiction He just can't work today, he HAS to find a way to fit in a round or two of golf.

He calls in sick, and drives 2 hours to distant course so no one will recognize him.

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