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And maybe try putting your fighters in separate bowls.

If they fight, they might be fighting each other. Thanks Sarah!!!!! This is my first betta that has done that. What does that mean.

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Send me a email at agmoon03 gmail. My betta was once a pretty purple but it is turning blue. Please help me and tell me why is this happening. Please help and get back soon. I got my betta fish Sheldon a few weeks ago.

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He was fine up till now. His tail is shrinking and long string is hanging from it. What do I do? Please help. There could be a number of things. What is the water temp? Have you been doing regular water changes? Have you tested for ammonia? Hi, so my fish keep floating to the top of his bowl involuntarily.

He tries to fight it by swimming downwards but in the end he always ends at the top of the bowl again. I was wondering if anyone knows what exactly is going on? I used to have a filter in his tank but when i took it out a few days after I got him, he was much happier. I feed him Tetra BettaMin flakes every two days and give him one frozen bloodworm on the occasion.

I know a bubbler is a bad idea and putting my filter in again would make him unhappy. Well about a month or so later I find him a little less active than he normally is. He scared me when I saw him tilted somewhat on his side but he was still very much alive. Now he either hangs out at the bottom of the tank or just floats at the top.

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At one point I even found him floating vertically at the bottom of the tank with his nose in the gravel. I checked his water and everything was in the safe zone. They just turn a whiter color. My Betta, Kurt, has started swimming very quickly and kind of spastically, and ramming his head into the pebbles at the bottom of his 1. I change his water regularly and use water conditioner, I feed him freeze dried blood worms in the morning and pellets at night. I am getting concerned about my little Kurt.

He displays his fins, though, and usually stops jerking around when I feed him. I know his bowl is very small, but it is a half moon shape that is up against the wall at the back of my desk in my room. Is there a chance that he is afraid of his reflection? I have noticed that he swims up and down in the corners, then darts away from there… and also, I have a small plastic bonsai in the tank.

I know ours did. Maybe give him a scenery change? I would. We are trying to get ours back up to color…. Our cute little Spar was purchased by my sisters, so the budget was… smaller. So Spar lives in a maybe one liter tank. He was in our bathroom, sitting on the counter, but seemed unhappy. His color has been fading and he just kinda lies at the bottom of the tank. What can we do to make Spar feel better? So I recently purchased a beautiful, male double tail betta with a black body that faded to white in his fins.

This is not my first betta, so I am aware of his basic needs. However, when I got home today I noticed his colouring was off-the black in his body faded quite a bit, but his fins were as vibrant as ever it should be noted that this has never happened with any of. I attributed this to stress his environment is completely different from what he experienced in the plastic jar at the store, of course but I just wanted to make sure he would be o.

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He was also hiding close to the plant at the bottom. Should I be concerned or is he just trying to aclimate? Also, should i keep the plant out or put it back in? Sorry for the length of this, and thank you. Our Blue Betta has been swimming sideways and upsidedown for just over a week now. Most of the time he just hangs out at the top of the tank, lying on his side and flapping one of his fins slowly. What can we do? My betta has not been eating over a week, he just floats around, and just today i saw some white thin hanging out in between his gills and his eye.

I have been changing his water. Do i need to add some disinfectant? My blue betta died yesterday but i cant find the illness tht killed him. He turned white pure white on his body except his face and fins but he died fast like an hr after he turned white he wasnt spotted or anything. I have a red beta that is very active and likes to display his fins. I just recently went on a vacation though, for six days. I came back today and half his body was white!

I cleaned his water bowl multiple times but all he does is stay at the bottom of his tank. He has been kind of sick before but it got better.

Big fish in a small pond - or little fish in a small container?

This is what worries me the most when I checked the thermometer it was only 20 degrees!!!!!!!! Please help me!?!?!?!?!?

He has been stuffing his face into the rocks and twitching a lot also floating and swimming sideways. He usually eats 1 time per day every morning as i walk out the door. Im not sure what to do. Around Christmas i changed his bowl and he seemed to take to it well. This bowl is a square cube with a small filter and he likes to rest near the filter. His Bowl is clean and im looking for Help im worried about him!!!!! Piff,my betta fish, has his light on all day and I turn it off when I go to sleep and my tank gets colder when the light is off, at least i think.