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The friends that she makes along the way are a perfect mish-mash of people, all with something special about them, creating the idea of a fantastic village full of heart and warmth. Once I picked this book up I didn't want to put it down. Thank you to Milly, your wonderful publishers and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to immerse myself in a story of such high quality. I can't wait to read it again and more so I can't wait for the world to read it. Thank you!

Tracey C, Reviewer. Another wonderful, warm and enjoyable read from Milly Johnson. Milly's books gather you up and hold you as you read and become immersed in the wonderful world she creates. Again, in The Perfectly Imperfect Woman, Milly Johnson brings characters to life beautifully, Everyone is so well written, from our heroine Marnie, to the wonderful women she bonds with and the flawed, unpleasant folk who try to get in the way of her happiness.

That's not to mention the totally swoonable Herv I loved travelling Marnie's journey, with the ups and downs, tears and laughter. This really is a fabulous book, and I can highly recommend it. If you love Milly's books, you'll love this one and if you've not read one yet, dive into The Perfectly Imperfect Woman; you won't be disappointed. Margaret H, Reviewer. After being adopted as a baby and then being unwanted once a sister was born naturally , she has had a life completely lacking in love and affection. But as a hard worker she now has a high powered role in the company she works for.

One night when drunk she comes across a cheesecake website and pours her heart out to Lillian the 'perfectly imperfect woman'. After a disastrous affair with a married man and a hideous scene at work she decides to change her life and takes up Lillian's offer of a cottage in the village that Lillian owns.

Here starts Marnies journey, with a cast of characters that jump out off the pages, it's almost like a play where when some characters come on stage you want to hiss and boo and others you clap and cheer. Not without many obstacles and heartache Marnies life completely turns around.

Take the journey with her it's totally worth it! A great entertaining read.

Annette H, Reviewer. I've always loved all of Milly's books and thought they were amazing but this is like she has smashed away the edges of the box and become a whole new, even more fantastic Milly. This book is her in paper form, I could imagine her sitting in the kitchen with a cuppa or a Prosecco and telling me this story. This is a master class in creative writing if ever I saw one and I'm gutted that I've finished it as I loved my time in Wychwell.

Marnie Salt has never felt loved by anybody, apart from an old lady called Mrs Mcmaid who spent time with her as a child. Marnie didn't even receive any affection from her own mother and she throws herself into her career and into the arms of a very undeserving man. But one incident changes all that and she finds she loses both. Thanks to a lovely old lady called Lillian Dearman she finds a new home and decides to make cheesecakes for a living, Mrs Mcmaid had given her a secret recipe many years before. Lillian has an unusual request for Marnie which is to help her find an old well which would unearth some secrets from hundreds of years ago and I've got a funny feeling that some of those secrets we are yet to discover as I'm hoping we will be going back to Wychwell some time soon.

There was so much to this story along with the intrigue about the Manor House and the mystery of the pink lady ghost, Milly cleverly drip fed us the history of the village through the eyes of Lillian in the form of an old history book, and this was intertwined with flashbacks of Marnie's heartbreak. A scenario near the end which was beautiful and I really didn't see coming, a hunky love interest by the name of Herv and someone to hiss and boo at by the name of Titus provided all round entertainment. This has quickly become my favourite Milly book of all time and I sincerely hope we can revisit Wychwell in the not too distant future.

Donna O, Reviewer. Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuser for a copy of this book. I loved it. A thoroughly gripping tale of friendship and romance with sympathetically described characters both young and old. This book is definitely one to read. Dawn M, Reviewer. Thank you netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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Marnie is in a high power job which makes up for the loveless family relationship with her mother and sister. Her best friend has changed and she feels quite alone. Marnie starts a relationship with Justin from work and she is unaware he is married. Her whole world crumbles and after some drunken online exchanges with Lillian via a cheesecake website Marnie makes changes go her life.

Lillian welcomes her to her little village full of tales and wonderful people and maybe a chance for Marnie to find love. Trish H, Reviewer. Each new book that Milly publishes becomes my new favourite. This book is full of drama, mystery, love, lust and cheesecake and is pure perfection!

The characters are wonderfully balanced, some likeable some very much not. The setting of Wychwell is fabulous and so enchanting. Sharon M, Bookseller. Excellent book. Laura K, Media. Loved it from start to finish. Utterly charming - Milly at her most magical.

PDF Did Anyone Die? (Little Wychwell Mysteries Book 1)

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