A Whole New School

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They swept the board with 2 children coming in 1st place, 2 children coming in 2nd place, and another in 3rd place!

The whole team were an absolute credit to the school and The efforts they put in brightening up our railings, assembling sensory boards and painting yard games have already brought so much happiness to our students and Throughout the June 4, Not much can be achieved without a sense of confidence and self-efficacy. This can vary wildly from one class to another, which makes it important for the student to show up on the first day of school with a reason to believe that he or she can succeed. Curiosity can be about knowledge, relationships, and professions—the more curious the student is, the more open his or her mind will be to grow.

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Reading strategies, note-taking strategies, conflict-resolution strategies, test-taking strategies—even what to do when being bullied or witnessing bullying. How do you make your students feel? Research is clear that the answer to this question can have a profound Wednesday, November 13, Home Teaching.

A Whole New World from Aladdin Jr. at WACO High School

August 7, Build a new school of thought, where learning is empowered through curiosity, exploration and application. The colourful branding system integrates with the Empyrean way of learning.

A Whole New World Adventure

It is where the child learns by practising, touching, feeling, and doing. The style extends to add collaterals symbolising the Empyrean method of learning.

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  • Carrying forward the visual language and thinking, the digital platform served as a crucial link between parents and the school, by sharing information about the school, its values, pedagogy and more. It helped win trust and build a stronger relationship.

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    • The identity and branding system translated the philosophy of education with a difference and the new school of thought they are ushering in.